Draft of the IMMA Council, May 22, 2013

It is moved that there be established an IMMA Award Committee responsible for soliciting nominations with appropriate supporting documentation from the IMMA membership and the Award Committee for “The most significant contribution to Mesostructured Materials Science and Technology” made in the past four years until December 31st of the year before the coming conference. For instance for the Summer 2013 Conference the period considered is “January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012”.

The Award may be given to an individual or to a group* making a significant contribution.

The nomination from the IMMA membership should be accompanied by a list of references and a 2-page summary outlining in detail the novel findings and their scientific merit. The nomination must be endorsed by at least five established scientists active in the field of mesostructured materials.

The Award Committee shall consist of a non-voting chairperson and at least five members to be appointed by the IMMA Council at the first day of the Conference. The chairperson is the vice-president of IMMA, he or she directs the discussions as an ex-officio member. One member at least will be from the resigning Award Committee. The newly appointed Award Committee is advised to meet during the Conference to set its selection rules and means of soliciting nominations. They are advised to confer with the resigning Award Committee. The Award Committee should ensure that the acceptance of nominations is advertised in the first circular of the upcoming Conference. Members of the Award Committee are ineligible for the Award. If a member of the Award Committee is nominated, then to be considered, they must resign and will be replaced by the IMMA Executive Committee.

IMMA Award nominations are due not later than three months prior to the upcoming Conference. The IMMA Award Committee shall consider the nominations and present to the IMMA council members a slate of nominees together with the appropriate support (summary, references list, supporting letters) no later than one month prior to the Conference. The IMMA Award Committee is entrusted to solicit nominations in order to receive more than one proposal: an appropriate slate would be composed of three to five or more nominations. The IMMA Council members are required to keep this information confidential. No sitting IMMA Councilors or IMMA Award Selection Committee members should propose, nominate or endorse candidates for the IMMA Award.

Any IMMA Council member being nominated for the Award shall not attend the Council meeting devoted to the discussion and the vote for the Awardee. Following a discussion at the IMMA Conference, the president shall conduct a ballot of the IMMA Council members to select the Awardee. Each member of the Council present shall vote for only one candidate in a secret voting. The total score will specify the Awardee. The Award will be announced by the IMMA President at the Conference Banquet.

*The group is expected to have made a joint contribution