Dear researchers in the mesostructured materials community,

By popular request, we have extended abstract submission for the 10th International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (IMMS10) by 2 weeks only.  The deadline for full consideration of your abstract is May 15th.  Please submit abstracts for both poster and oral presentations now!

The conference website now contains a partial list of confirmed invited speakers, with more to come.

IMMS10 is focused on materials where architecture at the mesoscale (~2 – 50 nm) plays a dominant role in controlling materials properties. While the conference has historically focused on mesoporous materials, this year’s conference welcomes all aspects of science and engineering research where nanoscale architecture plays a dominant role in controlling function or properties.  Relevant topics include materials synthesis, materials characterization, materials physics, and all applications of mesostructured materials.  Applications embrace, but are not limited to catalysis, separations, drug delivery, and a broad range of topics related to energy harvesting and storage.  Any topic that fits within this description would be appropriate.

The conference organizing committee looks forward to welcoming you to Southern California this fall!

IMMS10 Committee

Abstract Submission Deadline Extension - IMMS 10